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24th-Jan-2012 11:31 am - a year, dang

Well, guess I lost track of time: a whole year it's been since I posted? holy dang!

Well, for an update: we have now moved to Elko, nevada, to a farm about 15 miles outside of town. naketa managed to get a new job as a driver for an armored car company, and I'm now Assistant Manager at a gamestop(talk about a kid in a candy store!).

Our beloved dragon, takumori, is now working at a car parts shop and*crosses pecfins* may get a job working for the state of nevada:)

Nak lost his mom in october, but taku and I are giving him all the love we can to support him, and we also get help from Takumori's mom, Sabra:)

I hope you all will forgive me for going awol for so long, most of my posts have been on furaffinity.net and I lost track

Hugs, warm waves, and fishes:)

20th-Jan-2011 10:49 am - FC report(reposted from FA)
Well, FC is over, but dang what a blast!:)

We managed to surprise the heck out of our little spirit bro, flare starfire, with a new custom ram fursuit head for him, which he used to give a wonderful piano performance tonight, as well as perform in at the furry talent show: rock on, little bro!

Bumped into many wonderful phins, got a sweet portrait of our beloved dragon takumori , and the artist who did the portrait sketch is also working on a massive phin group image of all the cetas, aquatics, and ceta hybrids who were at the aquatics panel or joined in, the talented kadath !!I eagerly await how he'll handle drawing 20+ phins and friends:)

Bumped into the ever talented necrodrone as well, which is always a treat, as well as caught up with an old, old, thought lost friend, athus who it turns out has found a wonderful mate of his own since we lost contact. I wish the both of them many years of happiness, and hopefully more contact!:P

The panels were a blast, the aquatics especially, run by micksam , riddlebox , and frosty_orca, which resulted in much hilarity, as did the hybrid panel.

We also got to bump into our good friend Equs, got tagged, showed off our two new suits(pics to come), and have enjoyed ourselves immensely

Well, we are now back home, after enjoying a nice fog from San jose on the way out that almost made us miss the connecting flight; it seems San fran wanted us to stay, much as we wish we could:)

The fursuit parade was a blast, I gotta admit, though standing in that sun was brutal(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvHik-w2YEo we're in at 8:38) and we managed to get all of us ceta suitors together, myself, nak, and frosty, with Taku in front with the bad dragon crew:)

Had a lot of fun in the last couple of days, including almost ice-skating(couldn't get a handler), nak, taku and I crashing the fursuit dead dog dance, with lotsa lights(pics coming once I find them), including blue LED's coming out of my beak, wrapping around my neck, and going down my back like a glowing blue phinasaurus; I wound up looking like a delphic godzilla, which was pretty cool:) Nak had a bbuncha glowsticks wrapped aorund his arms and legs, and taku had the same, so we were quite a psychedelic crew;)

We were rooming with Kairo, one of the two people who ran the Second life panels, and he was a wonderful host, as well as helping us out with food, as we were on a fairly tight budget this year. We also discovered a couple new places to eat; this Sweet placed called the Iguana Cafe, Anthro iguana's covering the walls, and you could get a 2 pound burrito for about $5.50, not to mention raiding pita pit daily, and discovering psycho donut, though we never got up early enough to get any of their crazy good treats; apparently they ordered triple the normal amount, and the con bought them out every morning before 8 AM!:P

We also got to hang out with the wonderful maui-dolphin and nauta in our room, with Maui somehow managing to, without previous experience, pump out a sweet dragon background for taku on his new Ipad inside of 15 minutes! Dang, what I'd give for that kind of talent:)

Art wise, I know some people are probably curious about this whole group-pic thing by kadath and I'll do a separate journal on that(you'll be able to see it on FA). I also have some work coming down the pipe from the incredibly talented necrodrone13 in exchange for some crab, among a couple other trades, and we're finally going to have a full color family portrait done, to boot!:)

We got to spend our last night listening to flarestarfire giving us a private concert, with Equus, Dain(with his new unicorn head we made him), avon, dmk(Darius Koopa) , and lots of nummy pizza joining us. It was a wonderful way to wind down the con, especially with rukario71 spending the night in our room, offering us his unique and intelligent mind to share the con experiences with

Overall, this was a wonderful con, with lots of new friends made, old ones renwed, and sweet memories, making coming home to work and such bittersweet, but also a chance to remember how wonderful a con can be:)

If I forgot to mention your name or the fun we had, I apologize, the con is still kinda a blur with all the things going on at once, but dang it was fun!:)
10th-Dec-2010 06:04 pm - my letter to santa
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Tuesday I pulled towyncoyote's hair (-5 points). In August I broke startide's X-Box (-12 points). In January naketa_orcan and I robbed a bank (-50 points). Last Sunday I put gum in crocosaur's hair (-12 points). In June I bought porn for delphinelicorne (10 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-69 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

strangely random, but yet amusing;)
Well, my family and I just finished the annual turkey slaughter and gorge that is thanksgiving day(yes, we did turkey, cornish game hens, cranberry in a can, fresh stuffing *yum!*, sweet potato's, mashed potato's, and martinelli's sparkling cider for drink. And now we have pies for later, num!!

We plan on enjoying pumpkin chunkin on discovery for after dinner entertainment, though nak's got a bit of a headcold or something so he isn't 100%, he still enjoyed the food muchly:)

I'm kinda scared, honestly. in 5 days I turn a big 'ol 30. It's not like I'm gonna have a midlife crisis(you had to have a life first, *chuckle*), but realizing that I've now spent nearly half my life away from Cali and my bio away. Of the 30 years under my belt, I've been blessed to spend 12 of them with my beloved orca, and I don' regret spending any of those days with him. I really have to admit that's it been an interesting 30 years, but it's been a wonderful and fun ride:)

Happy turkey day to you all, may you have much love and laughter!:)
3rd-Oct-2010 10:03 am - the phin returns!
Yeh, it's been since july, sorry about that; a random update by windows mad it impossible for me to look at any website with imbedded video, like youtube or LJ, without blue screening. Thabnks to the efforts of the wonderful mate I have, I can now say hi again and give my goofball opinion:P

*hugs to all those who worried about me, friends, and all those I call friend*
5th-Jul-2010 09:30 pm - Happy 4th of july and epic WTF?
Just wanting to wish you all a happy 4th of July: my orca and our dragon taku are off visiting a friend, so it's me and the rain and the big booms tonight, watching the lights shine through the clouds as I think of my mate, our dragon, my family back home, and being so glad that we live in America, a land of many peoples, many dreams, and many discussions. Call me ignorant, innocent, what have you, but to me America, the *real* America, is about people of diverse backgrounds working together, finding their common goals, thoughts, dreams, and hopes, and working together to achieve them. To try and find a place in life where you can live, be content(if not wealthy), and know those you love are cared for and protected.

The America of today falls short of that ideal in a lot of ways, but I still think the american spirit is out there; scattered perhaps, in hidden pockets amongst all the nastiness happening, all the divisiveness and anger and intolerance. But it is still there, waiting, sometimes showing itself now and then, when people work together, be it helping someone harmed in a car crash, offering a stranger some of your food or money knowing someone might do the same for you, finding a common goal towards helping those around you. I dearly hope, with all my heart, more embrace that dream, and that is what today symbolizes for me. Dream and wave to your neighbors, friends, so they may do the same to you.

As an aside, I will judge not(lest I be judged), but The following website is without question one of the more, ahem, *origional* applications of religion I've ever seen.


An energy drink endorsed by true believers? I remember a live about "give unto ceaser" but I digress, as I said above, I wish to find common ground, not split apart. But still, really, an energy drink endorsed by Jahweh?
25th-Jun-2010 07:30 am - And I thought florida was bad...

This link goes to the Gay-Straight Alliance web-page, and specifically to the agenda page of the texas state GOP there, the charter under which they operate; this thing scares the ever loving willies out of me.

Marriage only between Natural born male and females(yup, they hate them the transgenders too), Sodomy and any 'homosexual' acts can be prosecuted as full felonies, and *any* crime commited against gays is categorically not only denied the ability to be a 'hate' crime, but is not considered a crime *at all*, depending on how you read the language. You can oppose oppose gays any way you like, and if you say it's by 'faith' or 'purpose', you won't get prosecuted. You could literally beat a loving malepair, say god told you to do it, and no crime done.

Americans with disabilities act? forget it if you're mentally disabled(including PTSD), behaviour disorders(such as obsessive compulsive), gay(yup, just being gay excludes you), Stress(yup, just plain old bite the nail stress), or pretty much not physically critically injured.

Are you a veteran? not if you're gay. Not only do they want to make "don't ask tell" gone, they want to replace it with "no homosexuals, ever!", oh and if you're a veteran and turned out you're gay, your medals get yanked, you no longer have VA benefits, and as far as they're concerned, you never served, since your very presence besmirched us, even if you found you qwere gay *after* serving.

Since they hate discrimination, they believe all 'sensetivity' education needs to be nullified from everywhere, which means a total repeal of the hate crimes bill.

These are the kind of people who scare me away from many places. I'm glad I'm not in texas, this could get ugly.

my biggest question is, where is the outrage? Why are there not other conservatives looking at these people, calling them loony as a toon, and trying to help them learn to get along? The people who wrote this are as hard line as any Iranian, and they get to vote in *our* country. Where's someone saying "um, guys, this is a melting pot country, we *work together!*

try and help me understand this friends, please?
21st-Jun-2010 08:48 am - Orca Birthday and fathers day
Well, today is Nak's B-day, though I won't say hir age; shi doesn't like talking about it and would kick my tail if I did *grin* I'll just say I love my orca, and am so glad to have hir in my life, have someone wonderful to make laugh and turn red and pounce me silly:)

So go ahead and wish hir a happy B-day, shi's not old, shi's still gorgeous(in my mind, anyway), and I love hir with all my heart. And yes, we did do a B-day party;)

The other big thing for today is Fathers day; my father, heavens bless him, is an extraordinary gentleman. He's working past 60 years old, putting in 50+ hour works running 37 radio stations, and still raising my genius little sister Zoreta, providing IT support for his friends, and running a corporation he founded selling custom radio transmitter components. This man is an outright genius, and I cannot say how much influence he's had on my life, helping teach me respect, hard work, and innovative thinking. I made him a dad by being his first son, and I cannot think of anyone else I'd rather have for my father:)

Hugs to you in Cali dad, you keep making me proud every day:)
14th-Jun-2010 10:07 am - belated birthday
Well, being the goofball and forgetful phin I am, I forgot to wish my little sister(the older one) a wonderful birthday on may 22nd; she's currently running pretty much an entire shop by herself, which is filled with, I kid you not, plushies, dragon statues, curiosities, and general fun stuff. It's like furry heaven:P

I am immensely proud of her, she's doing this, refining her art(she kicks tail at several media), and still driving around town, plus has a lifemate who I have spoken with and find a good gentlemen and fun to talk to on the few occasions I've gotten the oppurtunity.

I wish I could send her a card, or even better, an actual present, but right now I don't have the fundage to even buy *nak* a gift, and while I want to, the bills sadly have to come before anything else:/

I got a webcam setup thankfully, and I plan on skyping my family in CA tonight, so seeing their faces should rightly cheer me up:)

Never forget your family, you only get one(or in my case, two, or one *really* extended one, both of which make me a wonderfully happy phin)

*hugs and fish!*
8th-May-2010 06:28 pm - happy mothers day and ref art
Well, I have to say happy Mothers day for my mother, the woman without him I not only wouldn't be here in body, but wouldn't be here in spirit either.

For those who don't know. My mother, who didn't have me until her late 20's/early 30's(I refuse to be ungentlemanly and reveal her age), has not only completed a doctorate in clinical/child psychology, but also is as we speak working with traumatized women and children from inner city LA, providing them with art therapy after goddess knows what kind of horrors they've experienced in some of the worst neighborhoods in the state, possibly the country. She has handled all three of the children she and dad have with amazing aplomb, reminded us every day that we were loved, and gave us reason to smile, laugh, and share that with the world.

I could not be more proud to call this sweet, wondrous woman my mother, and wish I only had more to give her then things in the mail, warm words, and hugs the next time I see her, as she deserves so very much more.

Don't take your mothers for granted, folks. Not all mothers are perfect, not all are wonderful, but in the end, each of us gets one(or possibly two in some states, bless them), and that is something we can never forget. Love ya mom:)

And to our second bit of news; Anyone know a good, inexpensive artist for doing fursuit refs? I have next to no money, all the commissions I can afford are spoken for and can't be changed, and I think in the next 8-10 months I may be getting a suit of my draconic self, Calacor the sea-storm dragon. I don't want a gold standard, just a good, simple ref I can use for the suit and maybe show off:)

Our good friend, Drhoz, did an image of him a while ago, and I love it, but I can't use it as a ref sadly, because I need front, side, and top views, and he did a nice job of Calacor looking at you with a grin, rather then a full ref. I'd love for you to do it drhoz, but I don't want to force you either, especially with how busy work seems to have you lately, not to mention your lovely wife's B-day:)

ideas, please?
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